My Rag Rugging Kit is a distance learning kit which allows you to learn to rag rug if you cannot attend my classes.  As an Open University Tutor I understand the challenges of distance learning and my kit has a unique mini rag rag that I make [I must have made 1000's and 1000's] to help successful learning to take place.

I have supplied them for many years to the National Trust where rag rugs are a part of the property or I provide workshops such as The Old Post Office Tintagel [View Here] Buckland Abbey [View Here] and Finch Foundry [View Here]


Kit sample 2017   Rag Rug kits

This kit contains:

24" x 24" of hessian: suitable to make a small rug or cushion cover.

** A pillow case of material showing how to cut the fabric pieces.  You will need more to complete so ideal kit for those who want to learn but have a stash of fabric remenants.

** This kit is ideal a a present as you do not need to wait and find material to start, the pillowcase will let you start immediately.  All you need is a pair of scissors.

** Prodder

** My unique mini rag rug sample to aid learning how to rag rug. easier than trying to learn from a book!

** You will need more fabric to complete and fill the hessian.

** The picture illustrates how much the enclose fabric will do with the heart in the centre of this part completed rug.  You can then complete with your own fabric either sourced from your own linen cupboard or from a charity shop.